Venice Child are focused on creating modern, trendy, beautiful but practical products that will match the everyday versatile needs of parents .

Introducing the Kangaroo by Venice Child. The kangaroo is designed to be used from birth to toddler, has a smooth and versatile chassis design with no screws or welding to join
the parts. Designed with a sleek streamlined frame to prevent damage and avoid the issues that normally occur with welded frames.

Carefully crafted with high grade polished aviation aluminium; to prevent corrosion and rusting, polished Aviation Aluminum gives the look of a chrome finish for added style. The wheels have a swivel mechanism enhanced with a shock absorbing technology; to ensure smooth and comfortable rides.

Venice Child have a No killing of animals policy. We believe in using eco friendly and artificial materials as we don't believe in harming any life for pleasure. All products are tested at highest safety standards in the world.

We love to answer any questions what You get, please contact us hello@venicechild.eu.

If Your company based in Europe and You like to sell VC products, please contact us sales@venicechild.eu.